Why Choose Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening?

Reliable Service

We are a well-established business that has been around since 1996. Our goal is to be the best insurance physicals and employee screening company in the Southwest region in Missouri.

High-Quality Practices

Our lab is AABB, ISO-17025, and A2LA Accredited.

Personal Attention

We care about each person we interact with and do everything we can to help them get the information they need to stay healthy. We have 3 Examiners in our office and 6 Mobile Examiners who will come to your home or business.

Family-owned and Operated

Shannon and Jennifer Cummings have owned Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening since 2009. They love what they do and feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve you.

Reasonable Prices

We realize that with health care, people need to save money where possible. You can come to IPE Screening and have your labs completed at a lower cost than other major lab companies.

Independent Laboratory

Our lab is independent so you do not need to have a doctor's prescription to have a test done. If you are working with a doctor, we are happy to follow the prescription and send the results to your doctor.

Rapid Results

We use a paperless and consistent testing process. Through our electronic chain-of-custody model, you will receive some results in 5 minutes electronically. The results will be stored for easy archiving and access.

Resourceful Partners

Offering the best service possible to you is our goal. Our resource partners allow us to offer a wide selection of benefits to meet your needs. For example, I-Verified is focused on empowering employers, landlords and property manager to perform verification screening.

The Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Team

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Jennifer Cummings

Jennifer Cummings

Jennifer started as a paramedical examiner in 2004 and purchased the company in 2009. She is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable in her field.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Samantha Ray

Samantha Ray

Sam has been with us since 2017. She is helpful with all the clients, she schedules appointments and educates people on their appointment requirements.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Marilyn Fink

Marilyn Fink
Wellness Examiner

Marilyn has been with us since 2000 on and off between the time of moving to New York. Marilyn is very professional and loves coordinating the wellness fair events. Marilyn has a tender touch when drawing blood.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Ann Hall

Ann Hall
Mobile Paramedical Examiner

Ann has been with us since 2016. Ann is our bilingual examiner, making people feel comfortable and at ease. She lives in the Phillipsburg area and serves the Lebanon / Rolla area.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Sandy Yocum

Sandy Yocum
Mobile Paramedical Examiner

She has been with us since 2015. Sandy has lived in the Spokane area all her life. She mainly serves the Reeds Spring / Highlandville area. She is very friendly, professional and will make sure that you are comfortable during your blood draw.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Lori Isaacs

Lori Isaacs
Mobile Paramedical Examiner

Lori has been with us since 2015. She lives in Branson and serves mainly the Branson area. Her friendly and nurturing behavior will help you relax during your exam.

Insurance Physicals and Employee Screening Debi Brown

Debi Brown
Mobile Paramedical Examiner

Debi has been with the company since 2011. She is also is our 24/7 BAT collector. Debi has won the BNSF collector of the month in June 2013. She is very professional, nice, sweet lady who will make you feel at ease when getting your blood drawn.

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