DNA Testing in Springfield MO: Simple, Accurate, and Reliable

Simple, Accurate, and Reliable DNA Testing in Springfield MO

Did you know a quick and painless test can reveal any disease you’re predisposed to?

This breakthrough in science and technology lets you in on the secret your DNA holds so you can have a healthier tomorrow by taking care of yourself today.

This is what IPE Screening offers – reliable DNA testing in Springfield MO that gives you a glimpse into your DNA including the good, bad, and ugly. Then you can make any lifestyle changes sooner rather than later.

Whether you need genetic testing for personal use, for health reasons, for legal purposes, or whatever reasons you may have in mind that makes you want to learn more about your DNA, IPE Screening can help you with that.

Taking a DNA test can give you a more in-depth look at your genetic code and let you in your medical history to help you prevent severe ailments from wreaking havoc on you.

Read on for the interesting facts that will give you a better understanding of this kind of test including the different types, the process involved, cost, and other details you need to know.

Where to Go For DNA Test in Springfield MO

Searching for a reliable DNA test Springfield MO has to offer?

Whether you want to take a DNA test to track your medical history, for legal reasons, or to learn more about your ancestry,  at IPE Screening, you can expect to receive quick, dependable, and accurate DNA test results.

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Our friendly and highly trained professionals conduct DNA testing to individuals either at our office or at yours. We adjust to your needs and preference, so please let us know how you wish to take the test as this will allow us to prepare the necessary materials for the procedure.

What a DNA Test Looks For

A person’s genetic code consists of 3 billion pairs.

And although 99.9% of the total DNA that two people has is identical, there is a 0.1% of the code sequences of the DNA that is not the same in every person. This is what makes you unique!

DNA testing involves the analysis of one’s DNA.

Your DNA carries the genetic code that determines your traits such as eye color, hair color, and even personalities.

From the skin to the heart to the bone, every cell in these parts of your body has a complete set of DNA that’s uniquely yours.

So what DNA testing does is to check the samples received and determine all the purpose of a DNA testing whether it is to confirm a potential suspect’s legal predicaments or to pinpoint possible ailments you may acquire as it runs in your genes, or to understand your roots more.

The DNA Test Process – How It Works and Its Accuracy

After collecting samples from you, which may be obtained from your blood, hair follicles, or skin, these are studied and compared with the other samples to determine a match or a mismatch.

A splitting of these DNA molecules is made, followed by an analysis of the codes at specific points. This process generates a DNA fingerprint that is then evaluated and used to confirm a similarity or difference with another source.

As for the accuracy of a DNA test, it is safe to say that it is 99.9% accurate, depending on the number of genetic markers tested. Scientists minimize any chance of error by examining two or more genetic markers.

With several identical markers observed in the two samples, this increases the accuracy of the DNA test.

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